In addition to copyrights, SofTrek Inc owns 2 US patents. The most salient features are listed below. Please download the full patents for more information:

Menus for navigating a database (US 7,127,679):

-creates algorithms that can link to any level.

-stores hyperlinks in electronic address book.

-makes electronic questionnaires and tutorials.

-has a timer for “auto-pilot” of algorithm travel.

Navigating menus with haptic inputs (US 7,853,875):

-uses the sense of touch to guide selection of items by matching distinct tactile properties of keypad or monitor with symbols associated with displayed items.

-lets you interact with electronic menus without looking down at the keypad or touch sensitive monitor (because of need to key eyes ahead on display or road or because of darkness).

-includes “haptic screens” or smart screens with tactile features that facilitate menu item selection.

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