GAMIC 2017 Competition

SofTrek Inc was honored to be selected as quarter-finalist for the 2018 Global Automotive & Mobility Innovation Competition (GAMIC). On November 14, 2017, the application of SofTrek’s IP for enhanced driver-vehicle interaction was presented in Sterling Heights, MI. Our vision is to endow controls in the vehicle with distinct tactile properties so that the driver can recognize them using the sense of touch. Doing this may reduce distraction because it would obviate the need to look away from the road and use sight to locate them.

The team for this event consisted of Dr. Gerald Cohen, president of SofTrek, Inc and Mr. Barry Sutherland, – a non-equity affiliate who coordinates business development and has a long career in the automotive industry. With Mr. Sutherland’s leadership, SofTrek connected with two automakers and two Tier One automotive suppliers at Ward’s Auto World’s UX Conference in Novi Michigan last month. Additional connections are anticipated at trade conferences and through SofTrek’s affiliation with Automation Alley.

Recent trends in User Experience (UX) include providing vehicle controls that can be triggered by touch (by touching a screen that must be viewed), voice, and gestures. All of these control arrangements cause some degree of driver distraction. Haptic touch controls keep hands on the wheel and eyes on the road and is superior to the other methods because it is depends on simple, precise muscle movements. Manual controls gives the driver a physical, instant connection with the operation with a car that is unaffected by cabin noise or breathing.

SofTrek is looking for exposure to customers and opportunities for our technology – a technology that will change the way we drive and may improve the safety of vehicle operation and infotainment.

In summary, SofTrek’s technology

  • uses the sense of touch to facilitate driver interaction with a vehicle.
  • uses database software to prompt different electronic events when a menu item is selected.
  • integrates with the trend of placing more controls with tactile features on the  steering wheel or elsewhere in the cabin.
  • can be combined with other safeguards to enable driver autonomy in the evolution of the driverless car.
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