Algorithm software

SofTrek creates “algorithm” software, software that creates algorithms of events depending on what you choose.  Algorithms are typically  The algorithms of these menus are generally hierarchical, branching from a start point to additional levels of choices. Algorithms can also have the structure of spaghetti, able to go in any direction to any menu level. Our software creates algorithms that work like spaghetti (you may find it similarly appealing). We use a database to create the structure and functionality of these menus. Each menu is based on a single database row. The cells in this row determine the appearance of menu items and what happens when an item is selected. Selecting an item may cause another menu to appear or an electronic event such as calling a phone/cell number, the display of a picture or video, and/or opening a website. A programmable timer may automate the selection of items if you do not make a selection within a certain time period.

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